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Airlines Offering Pay Monthly Holidays

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Airlines Offering Pay Monthly Holidays
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Pay monthly holidays are now being offered by airlines. Is that a good thing or not? Normally we would say that any financing options is good, but to determine whether or not it is actually beneficial, we would need to look at the advantages and see in what ways it can help a traveller that can ill afford to pay for their dream holiday themselves.

What Are Pay Monthly Holidays ?

A pay monthly holiday is a financing scheme for holidays and holiday-adjacent expenses, such as transportation (flights, car hire, etc.), accommodation (hotels), or insurance. It is similar to an unsecured loan, because you do not need collateral, and as the name suggests, you can book and go on your vacation on the spot, even if you do not have the full amount to pay for it. You are given the ability to pay later, in regular instalments, over a period of up to 2 to 12 weeks before your vacation, depending on the agency.

Why Are Pay Monthly Holidays A Good Thing?

Now, airlines and agencies are offering this service, but one might be wondering whether it's a good thing or not. To that end, let's take a look at all the aspects of the scheme that are advantageous for the traveller:

You can book your holiday instantly

The initial draw is definitely related to the fact that you can book your vacation at any time, put down a deposit, and then pay for the rest of the trip later, as you go. Not a lot of people have thousands laying around, ready to be spent on an expensive holiday abroad. But that doesn't mean they can't afford one; almost anyone can, with a financing plan. Just plan and book when you want to go, and pay it off over the next few months.

You enjoy some flexibility

One other benefit is the flexibility you enjoy. You are free to pick and choose what you want. If you go through an agency, you can pick hotels, flights, etc. If you choose an airline that offers this service specifically, you can just pay off your flight using this scheme, and book the rest of your holiday separately, if you so choose. It's all in your hands.

You can pay back in instalments

The thing that makes this arrangement affordable is the ability to pay back the amount in instalments. It's true that paying £2000 in one go might not be something everyone can do, but ten payments of around £200 each are not that bad and considerably more people would be able to afford that.

In addition, depending on the company, you may even be able to set your own instalments, according to what you can afford. Don't have a lot of cash now, but will have more coming? Just pay £50 now and £200 next month. It's all good, as long as you pay the whole balance on time.

It offers a chance to a luxury experience

How many of us have the disposable income to splurge on luxury? Not that many, I assure you. But you can now live a luxury lifestyle with pay monthly holidays. There are thousands of experiences waiting to happen that you've never thought you'd be able to afford, but now, you've got that chance. Whether it's flying in first class and enjoying a glass of champagne, spending the night in a 5-star hotel, or being driven around town by your own hired car with a driver, there is so much for you to discover!

It is accessible to individuals with bad credit

A poor credit rating can follow you everywhere, and it can limit your options when it comes to financing, or even stop you from borrowing money altogether. However, that is not a problem, because there are pay monthly holidays that you can get even with bad credit. That means anyone can benefit from this kind of scheme, without having to worry about being rejected or limited by their poor financial history.

There are zero-interest options

A lot of other payment plans for holidays involve paying a pretty high interest rate, especially if you've got bad credit. However, you can get pay monthly holidays with zero interest, depending on the package you choose and the company you go with.

What Are The Alternatives To Pay Monthly Holidays?

But let's say that you don't fancy trying this financing scheme. What are the alternatives to pay monthly holidays, when it comes to paying for vacations?

Holiday loans

What better solution than a loan created specifically for holidays? Holiday loans are unsecured loans and easy financing solutions that are similar to monthly instalment holidays.

Payday loans

Payday loans are easy to get, but the issue is that they are over a shorter term and the interest rate is very high. With some types, you have to pay the whole sum back in one go, as well.

Guarantor loans

If you have bad credit and no assets to speak of, perhaps you are interested in a guarantor loan, where you can get someone else to co-sign the loan with you. That means they assume financial responsibility if you fail to repay the loan.

Credit cards

One of the easiest solutions is to just use credit cards, even though this does assume a high enough limit. You can then continue to pay off the balance as usual. Be careful about companies that charge you extra for using credit cards.


Sometimes, saving money is the easiest financing solution, but if you're not used to doing it, it can be difficult to get started. Here is some comprehensive advice from the Money Advice Service on how you can save enough money to go on holiday.

So, is it a good thing that airlines are offering holidays you can pay off monthly? We would say so! This type of financing opens up a whole world of possibilities for travellers who could otherwise not be able to afford to go on a luxurious vacation, so anything that makes that easier is a step forward.

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