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Luxury Lifestyles Are Possible By Using Pay Monthly Holidays

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Luxury Lifestyles Are Possible By Using Pay Monthly Holidays
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If you've always dreamt of living a luxury lifestyle, pay monthly holidays can help you fulfil that fantasy. Book your dream vacation and enjoy all the benefits of an experience you may have just once in a lifetime, but that can be very affordable, even for the tightest of budgets. Who says commoners can't appreciate luxury? You can even get holidays with bad credit, so why not give it a try? You can get a free Equifax credit report.

How Do Pay Monthly Holidays Work?

This travel financing option is like a loan, but it works a bit differently, in that you do not actually borrow money, but instead, just book a vacation that you do not need to pay for right away. You put down a deposit that can be lower or higher, depending on the holiday package, the timing, and the company, and then pay the rest in instalments. Essentially, it is an unsecured loan, because you do not offer an asset as collateral to secure the loan in any way.

To get things going, you just need to go to the agency's website, make an account and start looking through options for your holiday. Once you've got everything booked and ready to go, you will pay the deposit, which can be anywhere from £50 to over £100, and the rest of the money will be paid in instalments, just like a loan. You may even be able to strike a deal that charges no interest, so make sure to review all the options.

What you need to be aware of is that you need to repay this money before you actually go on your holiday. The amount of time you have varies, but you can be asked to repay from 2 weeks before your flight up to 12 weeks before. As for the instalments, you can choose to repay the rest in one lump sum, or break it down into payments that can be fixed or flexible.

The benefits of pay monthly holidays are numerous, but their affordability is their main draw, so companies are happy to work with you on making things flexible.Depending on how early you book, you have weeks, or even monthsto pay off your luxury vacation – not bad!

Who Can Benefit From Pay Monthly Holidays?

Everyone deserves to have a little luxury in their lives from time to time and to be pampered. And what better time to splurge and indulge, than on holiday? But the good news is that luxury is no longer reserved for the 1%. Anyone can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with this financing option – all you have to do is browse the website and find a vacation package that you love.

How Can You Use Pay Monthly Holidays?

Fortunately, this payment plan can be used for a variety of things to set up your dream vacation. You can limit yourself just to flights, for example, but you have the option of booking an entire vacation package that is complete with every feature you will need, including flights, accommodation, other means of transportation, and even travel insurance.


If you've only ever flown in Economy, then it's time you treat yourself properly to a flight meant for people, and not sardines. You wouldn't believe what a difference a little leg room can make. Just close your eyes and imagine the luxury of being able to stretch your legs, being offered drinks, and being able to watch your favourite programmes while you travel to your destination. This is the life! And it's a life you can have in an affordable way, by paying for it at your convenience.


Not that there is anything wrong with twin beds and a low-quality electric kettle shoved in a closet somewhere, but don't you want to see what it's like to spend a few nights in a 5-star hotel? Massive, comfortable beds that make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud, shower cabins you can actually fit into, and room service are all at your disposal. Not to mention the well-stocked minibar that you can raid in the middle of the night. And if you're feeling fancy, you can even go downstairs and enjoy an expensive drink at the hotel bar.

Car hire

You know how when you reach your destination, you are incredibly tired and dehydrated and now you've got to lug your baggage around and stuff it on an overcrowded coach? That is not the kind of luxury I had in mind. Imagine if instead, you would be able to pay for a car that waits for you outside the airport, takes care of your bags, and then drives you wherever you need to be, hopefully to your fancy hotel.

Travel insurance

Unfortunately, illness, accidents, and other assorted horrors do not stop just because you are on holiday. You always have to be prepared for the worst to happen, and that's not even a luxury; it's a necessity. Get travel insurance before you leave, so you can have the luxury of resting peacefully, without a care in the world. Why worry about everything that can go wrong, when you can relax, knowing that you've got everything covered? This way, you don't risk racking up a truly impressive hospital bill in some private hospital abroad.

So then, airlines offering pay monthly holidays: is it a good thing? As you can see, everything offered through this payment plan sounds amazing, and in some ways, too good to be true. Rest assured that it's not, and allow yourself to indulge in the very best things life has to offer. After a long year of work, we all deserve – and need – a holiday, whether it's a sunny summer getaway or a winter wonderland adventure.

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